Technical Tracks

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TRACK-1: Grid Integrated Renewable Energy Systems

Grid integration of renewable energy sources
Smart grid technologies and its applications
Renewable integration, DC and AC micro-grid
Smart grid and smart cities
Power network dynamics and stability studies
Optimal power dispatch and state estimation, security analysis and control
Power system restructuring and deregulation
Technical issues in electricity market
Synchronization stability and restoration of electrical network

TRACK-2: Smart Grid Monitoring, Control and Protection

Wide area monitoring & control of power system
Smart grid modeling and simulation with the presence of renewable energy
Design, operation and condition monitoring of power apparatus
Monitoring of electrical networks using SCADA and synchro-phasor Technology
Wide area measurement system
Power system protection, distribution system automation and control
Application of WAMS for power system control, protection and state estimation
Islanding detection for AC, DC and AC/DC microgrid system
Flexible AC transmission system, unit commitment and load dispatch
Optimal operation of energy sources
Cyber security in power systems

TRACK-3: Power Electronics Converter Topologies, Devices, and Motor Drives

Power devices, components, losses and gate drivers
Power electronics converters and topologies
Modelling, control and stability analysis of power converters
EMI, EMC, protection, and fault tolerant operations
AC, DC, BLDC, and Reluctance motor drives
Torque and speed control methods
Power converters and its control for motor drives
Design and conditioning monitoring of electric machine
Power converters for renewable integrations
WBG enabled power electronics converters
High frequency magnetics

TRACK-4: Control Systems, Mechatronics and Robotics

Network and cooperative control; application to physical systems
Process control
Robust control
Model order reduction techniques and applications
Linear systems theory
Stochastic systems and estimation
Non-linear control strategies
Optimal and model predictive control
Unmanned systems
Healthcare, mobile and intelligent robotics
Sensors, actuators and micro-nano systems
Resilience and security for industrial applications
Model free control design

TRACK-5: Smart Instrumentation and Signal Processing

Analytical and virtual instrumentation
Biomedical sensing
Energy harvesting for sensors
MEMS and nano sensors
Imaging and communication
Medical and instrumentation uncertainty
Biomedical instrumentation and applications
Patient safety
Home automation
Image processing and applications

TRACK-6: Transportation Electrification and Energy Storage Systems

Charging infrastructure, methodology and standards
Power electronics for EV chargers and motor drives
V2X and G2V operation of EVs
Renewable integration with charging infrastructure
Battery, ultracapacitor, and hydrogen based/hybrid energy storage systems
Energy management systems
Wireless power transfer
Fuel cell power electric and hybrid electric vehicles
Vehicle dynamics and control
Inter-vehicle and intra-vehicle Communications, infotainment and testing of EVs
All-electric and More-electric aircrafts and ships propulsion systems
Design, optimization and fault tolerant operations of Motors and converters for transportation

TRACK-7: AI/ML, IOT, Big Data Analytics

Neural networks and fuzzy systems
Internet of things and applications
Data science and predictive models
Deep learning
Natural language processing
Pattern recognition and machine learning techniques
Knowledge based systems